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Michael Lomas

About Michael Lomas

Michael Lomas is an Australian- born Software Engineer based in New South Wales, Australia, and working with businesses all over the world. He has been working as a Software Developer for 10+ years.

Michael started his development career through his customising of client's Salesforce platforms, changing and enhancing them to ensure that the program became more suited to the specific needs of their business.

Through his work with Salesforce, Michael was able to learn the coding language of Apex. This understanding has given him a core understanding of coding principles and assisted in his ability to pick up other languages.

Michael specialises in C# and .Net Core development, capable of front and back end development. Michael specialises in the creation of custom software solutions catered around the creation and implementation of intuitive tools designed to save time, delivering a ROI that far exceeds the cost of the services.

As a result of his work his clients have seen a significantly increased return on their investment.

Michael started his development career through his customising of client's Salesforce platforms, changing and altering them to ensure that his customers were able to receive the most for their investments.

10+ years Working with Australian and International Businesses in the field of IT, specifically software Engineering

  • Software Engineering - Tool creation and customisation
  • Salesforce
  • Data retrieval and analysis
  • Assistant to the CEO
  • Management
  • System Administrator

4+ years Working as a sole trader in the field of Software Engineering and Systems Architecture

  • Front and Back-end development
  • Developing applications using .Net Core framework
  • Architect of systems
  • Creation of responsive, intuitive and innovative workflow, UI and UX.
  • Ongoing Support

Creation of CRM Core Office

  • Broad CRM
  • Accounts, Contacts, Tasks, Events, Jobs, Invoices, Products, Services, Transactions
  • Custom table creation
  • Can be catered towards the specific needs of a business

.Net framework and Application Development

  • Microsoft stack
  • Front and back end development
  • Creation of innovative and intituive tools
  • Custom Solutions, dashboards and tools.

Complimentary Languages

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript/Jquery - Javascript derived syntax
  • Apex
  • Python

Software Development Tuition and Tutoring

  • Beginner to intermediate developers of all ages.
  • C#, Java, Apex, Javascript, Jquery, HTML, CSS, Python

Administrative Duties

  • Point and click application development, management and administration
  • Excel spreadhseet formulas and data manipulation
  • Client management
  • Employee management

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