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Arcus Cloud Computing

Arcus Cloud Computing is a software development company specialising in the creation of custom tools and solutions for businesses all over the world.

Arcus Cloud Computing mainly works with the creation of appllications written within C#, .Net Core framework, however Arcus are also profficient at developing custom Salesforce Solutions and Python web scraping tools.

Arcus Cloud Computing is capable of creating custom integrations between your business platform and a third party provider. Allowing client's the power to access third party resources from their in-house LMS, BMS or CRM.

At Arcus we are focused on ensuring our clients receive the best and experience a positive ROI.

Our Motto: "Change technology and therefore the world, through the creation of Innovative and intuitive Solutions".

Our Mantra: "Aspire to innovate, imagine the future, as software developers this is how we influence the world".

.Net Core

Arcus Cloud Computing builds custom solutions for businesses focusing on saving time, reducing work spent on monotonous tasks like data entry and client correspondence so businesses around the world can spend more time on what really matters.

Arcus Cloud Computing offers a range of software development services centered around the development of applications written using HTML, CSS, Javascript, C# and the .Net Core framework.

Arcus Office

Core Office is Arcus Cloud Computings flagship product and service. It is a pre-built broad range CRM based upon Salesforce, written in C#, html and javascript. It is for the management and correspondence of businesses with their employees and clients. It can be altered to the specific needs of a business.

Features Include:

  • Standard tables - Accounts, Contacts, Tasks, Events, Invoices, Jobs, Products, Services, Transactions
  • Tools designed to make the adding, editing and deleting of records as intuitive and efficient as possible.
  • Data Import, Data Export and Data backup - to ensure your data ia always safe and up to date
  • Custom Tables can be added to record information unique to your business
  • Automatic triggers and functions to ensure that certain actions are taken when certain events transpire.
  • Dashboards, Reports to give Owners and Managers the birds eye view they require of their company and its workings from anywhere in the world.

Salesforce consulting, customisation, and implementation

Salesforce is a powerful program but, like most businesses, your off- the- shelf package probably doesn’t provide everything you need. Did you know that your edition of Salesforce may be fully customisable? Unless you take advantage of this, you are most likely only harnessing a small percentage of this Software’s powerful abilities.

Optimising and customising Salesforce for your team's workflows and needs is one of the best ways to not only increase your return on investment in Salesforce, but also to increase efficiency and productivity for your business.

At Arcus, we first establish your business needs, and take time to understand your current systems to identify weaknesses and inefficiencies. Based on this we then design, develop and deploy a solution, and, where required, provide systems training and cost effective ongoing systems help, support, and maintenance.

Arcus Cloud Computing has assisted national companies to make the most of their Salesforce investment, and below is just a small example of how we can help your business:

Customisation with Apex, Visualforce and Lightning

  • Complex automation and processing, using Apex for powerful functionality
  • Custom Salesforce development in Apex, Visualforce and Lightning
  • Improve the standard user experience with rich, custom, and responsive interfaces
  • Customisation of CRM to build features that produce custom reports and dashboards
  • Build custom consoles to highlight the important metrics of your business

Application Development

  • Custom application development based on your prerequisites and requirements
  • Expand services and features in your Salesforce CRM cloud space
  • Custom module and custom connector development using Apex, VisualForce and Apex triggers
  • Create VisualForce pages, page layouts, custom views, Apex triggers, Apex classes and efficient workflows

Integration services

  • Business logic integration helps to integrate business logic from one application to another to create complete end to end business processes
  • Integration with existing applications, on premise application like databases and many more
  • Enhance your Salesforce implementation through integration with outside systems to gain access to external data and leverage existing application functionality
  • Harness internal and external API functionality through the Salesforce platform

Support services

  • Prepaid support & maintenance blocks: allocated blocks of hours based on yearly maintenance exceptions
  • Ad hoc Support: where you pay for what you use when you need it
  • Testing and development maintenance to live customisation and installations

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